Ann Pasternak Slater

Ann Pasternak Slater is a literary scholar and translator who was formerly a Fellow and Tutor at St Anne’s College, Oxford. She taught English Literature for about forty years, specialising in Renaissance English literature and 20th-century literature.

Ann has published a number of books on Shakespeare and Evelyn Waugh, her most recent book on Waugh having been described by William Boyd as ‘a superb piece of work’. She has also edited the complete short stories of Evelyn Waugh, E.M. Forster’s early novels set in Italy, Turgenev’s Fathers and Sons, and the Complete Poems of the English Metaphysical poet, George Herbert. She is currently editing two volumes of Waugh’s shorter fiction for a 42-volume collection of his complete works, to be published by Oxford University Press, and the private papers of T. S. Eliot’s first wife, Vivien Eliot, to be published by Faber & Faber.

Ann comments that her ‘pleasure in the literature of the great craftsmen (like Shakespeare, Herbert and Waugh) focusses particularly on how they make literature work, both in terms of literary form, and audience engagement’.

Ann’s mother was the sister of Boris Pasternak (winner of the 1958 Nobel Prize for Literature), so she was brought up bi-lingual in Russian and English. Consequently she has written about, and lectured on, Pasternak’s translations of Shakespeare. She has also translated the memoirs of Boris’s younger brother, Alexander Pasternak, and Tolstoy’s two great short stories about dying, Master and Man and The Death of Ivan Ilyich. 

Ann is a Founder-Trustee, and Curator, for The Pasternak Trust, a charitable trust which maintains the largest English collection of the paintings of Leonid Pasternak, the father of Boris and Alexander Pasternak, and Ann’s grandfather. He was a celebrated Russian Impressionist artist who left Russia after the Revolution in 1921, and left Germany after the rise of Hitler in 1938, to settle and die in England. His pictures are open to the public in the house where he died and she now lives.

Ann has lectured on a range of subjects deriving from her interests, in England, Russia, America and Israel. She is married to Craig Raine, an English poet and critic.

Ann Pasternak Slater