Costas Laoutides

Dr Costas Laoutides is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Deakin University. A political scientist by training he specializes on separatist conflicts. He has studied numerous cases of territorial separatism and he is interested in the osmosis between collective identity, violence and political organization. His 2015 book on Self-Determination and Collective Responsibility in the Secessionist Struggle (Routledge) introduced the idea of collective responsibility for separatist organizations as non-state actors in international relations. In shorter studies, by drawing on a range of cases, he has explored how states attempt to control political manifestations of identity but also how external actors are involved in separatist struggles. His most recent book, Myanmar’s “Rohingya” Conflict (Hurst 2018, with Anthony Ware) investigates the perplexed nature of this conflict.