Ju was born 20 September 1958 in Yenangyaung, the third child of five siblings. She graduated from the high school at Yenangyaung in 1975. Despite an early interest in writing she took her mother’s advice and studied medicine at the Mandalay University of Medicine, graduating with an MBBS degree in 1983. She began writing while still in medical school publishing her first short story in 1979. Her debut novel, Remembrance published in 1987 provoked controversy for its endorsement of Western existentialist philosophy and portrayal of cohabitating unwed couples.

Fifteen novels followed (most have been adapted to film), seven collections of short stories and seven collections of articles on the environment. She currently works with an orphanage for HIV positive children which she co-founded and the HIV/AIDS Media Initiative and Yadana Metta Foundation. Her writings now focus on environmental conservation.