Keggie Carew

Keggie Carew is the author of Dadland, which won the Costa Biography Award in 2016, and became a Sunday Times Top Ten Best Seller. Part memoir, part history, part detective story, Dadland is the story of Keggie’s Irish father, Tom Carew, an unconventional and  charismatic secret agent, who played a key role liaising with Burmese nationalist leaders (Aung San, Nyo Tun, Thein Pe Mynt, Than Tun, U Panyathiha) to mount anti-Japanese guerrilla resistance in Burma during the Second World War. Through the prism of her father’s unorthodox world – and with special access to little known and astonishing events of history – Keggie takes us on a heart-stopping journey through war and peace, the end of empire, her mad-cap childhood, the poignant breakdown of her family, and into the corridors of dementia and beyond. Dadland is the Technicolor life of an unstoppable man, a spellbinding account whose facts could hardly survive in fiction. One of the many reviewers described her work as a ‘mesmerising performance by a natural storyteller gifted with the most seductive material possible’.

Keggie has lived in Texas, Barcelona, West Cork, Auckland and London. Before she began writing, her career was in contemporary art. She studied English Literature and History of Art at Goldsmiths, University of London. In 2010, she opened a pop-up shop in the East End of London called theworldthewayiwantit, which she described as her ’puny arm-wrestle against the tide of consumerism’. She lives with her husband, in a small rural cottage near Salisbury.
twitter : @KeggieC

Keggie Karew