Nyein Way

Nyein Way is a renowned 21st century contemporary post-conceptual poet from Myanmar. He is also a language conceptualist, educator and performer whose work has been named as avant-garde. He’s interested in experimental and contemporary Western and European poetry, as well as an Asian and African poetry; contemporary philosophy; and Buddhism.

Nyein Way has published four books of poetry, including: Words and Tree (2004); Gaganana (2010); Anamataga (2011); and Pattalar Xylophone (2013). Other books include the educational publication Classroomology (1999); as well as Conceptual Poetics and a Contemporary Poet (2008), and NakanpadiA Book of 21st Century New Poetics (2013).

He is also a contributor to the Encyclopaedia of Asian Theatre, which won the best reference book award by American Library Association in 2007. He contributed his work to the anthology of Asia-Pacific writing The Near and the Far published by Scribe (2017). His work ‘The Uncreative Manifesto’ was published by No Press in Calgary, Canada. His conceptual writings have been published in online journal Crux International Journal of Conceptual Writing.

Nyein Way was a resident artist of Mekong Art Project in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2004. He has collaborated on multimedia art and poetry-based performance projects with international artists and poets, and has given poetry workshops and readings in Cambodia, Thailand, USA, and Myanmar. In January 2015, he was awarded as the writer-in-residence in Vietnam, and later in Australia for the WrICE program by RMIT. He has been a guest at the Melbourne Writers Festival and the Queensland Poetry Festival, Australia.

He is currently the chief cultural advisor of the literary faculty at the New Yangon Theatre Institute. His most recent publication is 99 Rivers: The 21st Century New World Poetics (2017).