Peter Summersby

Peter Summersby is an Australian-born and based novelist, speaker, creative writing coach, blogger and teacher. His books include The Mind Hack, The Bloodwood Curse: Book One of the Rosethorn Chronicles and The Hunt for Veritas: Book One of the Rosethorn Chronicles. He creates evocative worlds that stay in the minds and hearts of his readers and as a creative writer, he knows what truly drives conversation around the creative writing process. Peter’s childhood was filled with the greats of Anne McCaffery, Tom Clancy, J.R. Tolkin and James Clavell. His passion is to share, tell great stories and to follow in their footsteps. In addition to writing, Peter is a regular contributor to the Redstar Magazine in China and visits schools and organizations. He enjoys mentoring fellow emerging authors, spending time with his family and entertaining. He holds a Masters of Novel Writing from Middlesex University, London. His novels: The Trials of Veris Rosethorn: Book Three of the Rosethorn Chronicles and The Witch at Dademode: Book Four of the Rosethorn Chronicles debut early 2020. To learn more about Peter, please visit