Ponnya Khin

Ponnya Khin was born on 22 September 1972 in Kyaunggon, a delta town in Ayeyarwady Region. On completing high school she started work as a village primary school teacher, writing and studying for a degree in her spare time. By 1995 she had published eleven full-length novels under a pen name. 

She resigned from teaching and moved to Yangon in 1997 where she worked in a variety of jobs; reporter, scriptwriter, assistant editor, before taking the pen name ‘Ponnya Khin’ in 2000 and publishing novels continuously ever since.

In 2003 she set up ‘Ponnya Khin’ publishing house, from 2005-2007 attended a post-graduate course in Applied Psychology at Yangon University and began to write novels based on psychology. 

‘Upscale Water’, published in 2015, was based on the rape of under age girls and the insecurity of their lives. A theme which she believes affects probably the whole of Myanmar womanhood. The novel served as an opening of floodgates for women’s expression and became a huge hit among readers. 

In 2016 she published three novels: “A Nauk Taung A Yat Hma Lar Khe Thu” (The girl who came from the South West), a romance based on the author’s experiences of developments in the country in contemporary times; “A Shay Ta Khar A Win” (Entry by Front Door), based on the Anti-prostitution Law and portraying the lives of call girls; “Min Ga La Bar Sayama” (Auspicious Day, Teacher), based on the author’s personal experiences as a village school teacher and conditions of the rural education system and urban social life. 

In 2017 she published “Town Tan Tway Ye A Lun” (Beyond the Mountains), which took as its theme  eco-tourism in the Chin Hills of Myanmar and the difficult lives of the Chin youth in that remote region. It also portrayed the lives of Myanmar women living under the stifling rules of conventional guardianship. 

In September 2017 she published her latest novel “Let-kyan La-yaung” (Lingering Moonlight). Set in the famed ancient city of Bagan it portrays the feelings of love and romance in Myanmar culture.

In 2018 she published “The  Wait for Blossom”  (“Pann-tway-pwint-pho-saunt-ya-chain”) which aims to promote and reinforce peace and prosperity among Myanmar ethnic groups.  The book portrays the stories and struggles of people living in remote northern parts of the Myanmar-Tibet border; their lives and tales, cultures and society, the mystery and beauty of  Hkakabo  Razi mountain and surrounding environs are rendered in vivid detail. The book’s backbone is the true stories of drug use, the horror of war and the hope for peace.

Since 1993, the author has published 125 novels, 3 books of collected short stories; over 100 novels have been made into popular films, and of those 6 films have received Motion Picture Awards. 

In 2019, Ponnya Khin received a Certificate of Recognition from UNAIDS for Humanitarian Efforts as a result of her novel “Entry by Front Door”.

The author, living with her family, is still engaged in her literary pursuits.