Ponnya Khin

Ponnya Khin was born in September 22, 1972 in Kyaunggon, a delta town in Ayeyarwady Region. Aged nineteen, while studying for her degree and working as a village primary school teacher, she started writing novels and short stories. By 1995 she was writing prolifically and resigned from teaching.

Moving to Yangon Ponnya Khin took a post-graduate course in Applied Psychology at Yangon University which began to influence her writing: “A Nauk Taung A Yat Hma Lar Khe Thu” (Girl from the South West); ”A Shay Ta Khar A Win” (“Enter by the Front Door”) and “Min Ga La Bar Sayama” (“Auspicious Day, Teacher”) are gritty novels was based on the author’s personal experiences.

Ponnya Khin’s novels candidly describe conditions in the rural education system and life as a village schoolteacher, urban social life, the lives of the call girls, and anyone else her keen eye observes. In 2015 “Upscale Water“, a novel based on the insecurity of Myanmar womanhood, touched a nerve and was an instant hit. Her latest novel, “Town Tan Tway Ye A Lun” (Beyond the Mountains), set in the remote Chin Hills has just been published. Ponnya Khin lives in Yangon with her family.